Wise to worship

Ezra 6:3 “In the first year of King Cyrus, King Cyrus issued a decree concerning the house of God at Jerusalem: ‘Let the house be rebuilt, the place where they offered sacrifices; and let the foundations of it be firmly laid, its height sixty cubits and its width sixty cubits.”

Leader, I bless you with receiving help from unexpected places. God is not limited in any way, not in resources and certainly not in creativity; He can raise up help for you from any place He chooses – including an erstwhile enemy. I bless you with the right set of priorities. Of all the places Cyrus could rebuild for the Jews – housing, infrastructure, etc. – he was inspired by God to start with a place where God could be worshiped. God is not dependent on our worship; He deserves it but He is not in need of it. We are. I bless you with your hope being strengthened, your courage increased and your perspective enlarged as you verbally confirm His greatness. I bless you with experiencing the manifold benefits in your personal and professional life of giving God the honour due to Him. He compels His goodness towards us when we are humble enough to recognise that He alone is worthy of praise. I bless you with finding joy in that place of reverence.

Romans 10:17 “So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through a word proclaimed about the Messiah.”